Applied Ultrasonics Announces Passing of Dr. Efim Statnikov

It is with great sadness that Applied Ultrasonics announces the passing of our colleague, Dr. Efim Statnikov. Dr. Statnikov, a brilliant scientist and engineer, was the inventor of Esonix UIT. His work on this technology stretches back to the 1960’s, with the original efforts performed in the Soviet Union.

Dr. Statnkov, or Doc, as he was known around AU, immigrated to the United States in 1999, the same year that AU was formed. He was very active in the company until his untimely death. His passion for invention, technology and discovery were hallmarks of his long and distinguished career.

Doc had some 300 papers published in scientific and engineering publications, and had received over fifty patents and Author’s Certificates (USSR patent equivalent). He will be sorely missed by his colleagues in such professional organizations as: the International Institute of Welding (Commission XIII), the American Welding Society, the Russian Welding Society, the Research Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Engineering Acoustics and the Interstate Research Council on Welding and Allied Technologies.

Doc was the driving force behind the development of a great technology. His efforts created an exceptional foundation upon which to build a company and a product that do a tremendous amount of good for our customers, employees and shareholders. We intend to honor Dr. Statnikov’s memory by realizing the full potential of his life’s work.

Dr. Statnikov is survived by his wife, Luba, and daughters, Mayia and Itta.