High Pressure Pump Lifecycle Problems Resolved

The oil and gas industry is facing new difficulties with high pressure operating environments caused by increasingly deeper working depths. New techniques such as fracking offer breakthroughs in production, but they also challenge equipment like never before.

A pumping components manufacturer turned to Applied Ultrasonics to gain a greater understanding of lifecycle issues for their components, and for a solution using Esonix UIT.

Applied Ultrasonics’ Engineering Services group approached engineers, operators, and technicians with field operations knowledge and experience using the manufacturer’s pumping components. The research and discussions enabled Applied Ultrasonics to pinpoint failure modes and locations. A life enhancement and UIT treatment solution was proposed to the manufacturer.

In order to reach some of the components inaccessible by a human operator, Applied Ultrasonics devised and built a robotic device to apply Esonix UIT in an automated, controlled, repeatable and high quality manner.