Marine Vessel Hull Cracking Resolved

New designs often create new and unforeseen challenges. A shipyard engaged Applied Ultrasonics for a solution to hull cracking in a new, cutting-edge, mid-sized defense cutter. While undergoing sea trials, the marine-grade aluminum hull structure began to develop cracks.

Applied Ultrasonics’ Engineering Services group consulted with the shipyard and dispatched a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to evaluate the cutter’s hull cracking. Applied Ultrasonics and the shipyard were working within an extremely tight time frame, so Applied Ultrasonic’s solution was proposed and approved on the spot. To resolve the hull cracking, Applied Ultrasonics enhanced the weld joint design and applied non-thermal stress relief using Esonix UIT – resulting in a massive increase in fatigue life and fatigue strength for fatigue-prone material and geometry.

Applied Ultrasonics entrusted a Welding Engineer and Certified Weld Inspector to oversee the correct application of UIT at the shipyard. The shipyard was pleased to report no more hull cracking!

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