Mechanical Component Failure Analysis and Redesign

In one customer situation, Applied Ultrasonics’ engineers quickly identified that a high-cycle component failed at a geometric stress riser. It is common assumption that fatigue failure is isolated to weldments, but the component had been failing in base metal at a stress riser caused by design geometry.

The customer accepted a solution proposed by Applied Ultrasonics’ engineering staff to change geometry and manufacturing process – resulting in a viable solution that improved mechanical component life, while also decreasing manufacturing cost. Applied Ultrasonics’ engineering solution was fairly simple, but the solution required a deep understanding of the customer’s complex life-cycle issues.

One thought on “Mechanical Component Failure Analysis and Redesign

  1. Hello,

    We’re having a problem with surface origin fatigue on our punch heads as seen the provided pictures and looking for a method to help overcome this problem. Would this work on S7 or any steel to help a surface origin fatigue problem?

    Our punch head damage is due to the head repeatedly contacting a compression roll or ramp, and after thousands of times of contact the metal forms a pit or pocket in the head surface at the point of contact.


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