UIT Meeting the Challenge of the North Seas

Progress Rail's Ultrasonic Technology Division and UIT show their strength in harsh conditions as they successfully treat critical offshore drilling components. Progress Rail just completed an impressive project for one of the oldest and largest offshore drilling contractors in the world.

Progress Rail was hired to treat one of the client's offshore oild drilling rigs in the North Sea. Built in 1979, the offshore drilling rig had developed deep stresses from years of high demand work in the face of some the harshest operating conditions in the world. In the North Sea, a drilling rig takes a constant beating and welds are exposed to enormous stresses coupled with the corrosive saltwater environment.

Progress Rail uses a patented technology called, Ultrasonic Impact Technology (UIT) to treat a range of metals, removing weaknesses and reducing metal fatigue while extending the life of critical parts and structures.

Progress Rail's quick-reaction team was mobilized to treat welds inside and out on the cross bracing (the middle columns, K-joints, outer columns / chain lockers) using Progress Rail's PLC 05 portable equipment. The team got in, treated the high stress areas and got out with minimal time on the site, ensuring uninterrupted workflow while the oil drilling rig was in dry-dock.

Progress Rail's PLC 05 portable equipment was used to treat welds that were deep inside enclosed areas, thus imparting compressive stresses and stress relief in areas that are inaccessible by other methods. The results were successful in extending fatigue life by a factor of 6-8 while reducing overall downtime.

About The Client

The client is a leading provider of diversified services for the oil and gas industry. The Company performs contract drilling services with its fleet of 62 mobile offshore drilling units located in key markets worldwide, including th U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, Mexico, the North Sea, Brazil, West Africa and India. The fleet count includes five rigs under construction.

About Progress Rail Ultrasonic Technology (UIT) Division

Progress Rail's Ultrasonic Technology (UIT) Division is the world leader in the design and delivery of Ultrasonic Impact Technology solutions, equipment and service for heavy manufacturing industries worldwide and currently owns 5 patents, 46 partner patent applications and numerous more patents pending. Progress Rail is based in Birmingham, AL with offices in Europe, Asia and Australia.


Taylor Hanes

Business Development Manager, Progress Rail Ultrasonic Techology (UIT) Division



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