Offshore Drilling Semi-Submersible Lifecycle Optimization and Procedure Qualification

A large, multinational offshore drilling company was facing a major maintenance overhaul for a semi-submersible. The offshore drilling company reached out to Progress Rail's Ultrasonic Technology (UIT) Division for a solution to minimize hydrogen embrittlement cracking and to ensure optimum weld Quality Assurance was maintained on critical structures and weld joints.

Progress Rail's Ultrasonic Technology (UIT) Divisionís Engineering Services group collaborated with the drilling company to develop 25 weld Procedure Qualification Records (PQRs).

After approval of the PQRs, Progress Rail's Ultrasonics Division deployed a team of certified weld inspectors and Esonix UIT operators and inspectors to the shipyard for application of UIT and Quality Assurance. Progress Rail's UIT Divisionís team remained onsite for the entire duration of the 40-day maintenance overhaul.

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