High Pressure Pump Lifecycle Issues - Troubleshooting, Problem Solving and UIT Application

The operating environments for today's offshore oil and gas industry are becoming increasingly more challenging due to deeper depths reached, resulting in higher pressure operating conditions

Applied Ultrasonics was approached by a pumping components manufacturer to better understand lifecycle issues and propose a solution for Ultrasonic Impact Technology.

Applied Ultrasonics' Engineering Services group began a thorough analysis to determine problems by conducting numerous interviews with engineers, operators, and technicians who were familiar with field operations of the pumping components. As a result of Applied Ultrasonics research, failure modes and locations were identified. Applied Ultrasonics then approached the manufacturer with a proposed treatment and life enhancement solution using UIT.

Applied Ultrasonics' Ultrasonics Division developed a robotic device in order to apply Esonix UIT technology in an automated, controlled, repeatable and high quality manner for previously inaccessible work environments.

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