UIT Adopted by AASHTO: Ultrasonic Technology Offers Millions in Infrastructure Cost Savings

AASHTO added UIT to the 2008 revision of the bridge maintenance code. This technology offers an enormous cost savings in infrastructure repair and maintenance, while also allowing a bridge to last up to ten times longer than normal. In one instance, the use of UIT helped save over $20 million on a bridge repair.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officers, or AASHTO, controls the guidelines used in the design, build and maintenance of bridges in the United States. UIT, or Ultrasonic Impact Technology, was added to the code as a method of fatigue strength and life enhancement. The code update cites research work conducted at Lehigh University.

UIT has been used on bridge repairs in thirteen different states as well as Canada. Applied Ultrasonics provides UIT equipment and training for bridge work.

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