Dragline Life Extended 4x (and counting- still no cracking), saving at least $1.5 Million in repair/downtime costs

In September 2009, Applied Ultrasonics treated weld connections on the A-frame and propel structure of a Page 852 dragline owned by a mining industry client with their patented UIT (Ultrasonic Impact Technology).

In the past, these welds would crack every 2-3 months and fail every 6 months, requiring repair and associated downtime, year after year, for the entire 15 years of the asset's service.

The Ultrasonic Impact Technology was done during a repair outage with one crew over a period of 3 days. The UIT crew supported several welding crews making repairs, yet due to the speed and efficiency of UIT, only added a few hours to the total repair time.

Since the UIT treatment, the client has not had any problems with cracking and has not had to take the dragline out of service for weld repairs. UIT extended the time between failure by at least FOUR TIMES and has saved the client at least $1.5 million in repair and non-productive time (downtime) costs.

put uit to work