“By using the UIT process during a weld repair we have eliminated our unscheduled outages during the course of the year and only perform an annual inspection and repair, if required.”


Randy Warnock

Field Maintenance Supervisor

CF Industries








put uit to work
Ultrasonic Impact Technology featured projects

Rig life extension using UIT
Offshore Drilling

In the North Seas, an offshore drilling rig takes a constant beating. Welds are exposed to enormous stresses. Applied Ultrasonics helped the client extend fatigue life of their aging offshore drilling rig, resetting fatigue life to zero and allowing fifteen additional years of revenue-generating service life.

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Ultrasonic technology and Dragline structural repair using UIT for mining business
Dragline Repair

With systemic and repetitive cracking in the boom, propel structure, and other critical areas of their draglines, the client was used to spending considerable time and money to weld repair cracks. After applying ultrasonic technology (UIT), the company has experienced fewer cracks, fewer shutdowns, lower repair costs, and fewer headaches.

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UIT extends high cycle fatigue prone areas for offshore production platforms
Floating Production Vessel

Structural integrity and fatigue failure are primary concerns in design and construction of offshore floating production facilities, both in new builds and conversions. Cyclic loading affects high cycle fatigue prone areas such as hull connections, mooring equipment, crane pedestals, and flare structures on floating units. Most offshore and marine classification societies require that the fatigue design not only meet or exceed life of the field, but also employ a fatigue life factor of safety for critical connections. Applied Ultrasonics' UIT Division offers a cutting edge method to extend fatigue life requirements using Ultrasonic Impact Technology (UIT).

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