Applied Ultrasonics's UIT improves vessel weld fatigue life and doubles time between BOEM inspections

In 2009, the advantages of UIT from Applied Ultrasonics' Ultrasonic Technology Division were evident on a floating production and offloading vessel for deepwater oil processing. On that project, huge gains were made towards increasing the fatigue strength and life of vital connections in the hull and side-mounted turret structure. Later in 2011, the same customer returned to Applied Ultrasonics' Ultrasonics Division for additional service.

The customer was pleased with Applied Ultrasonics' previous results and excellent service and wanted to improve the fatigue life of important welds located in the vessel's turret buoy. Besides being concerned with overall fatigue life, the client was also required to execute a non-destructive weld examination every month by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). After bringing Applied Ultrasonics onboard a second time to handle the turret buoy welds, UIT (Ultrasonic Impact Technology) had once again proven itself as a viable solution for reducing fatigue issues. As evidence of the project's success, BOEM reviewed the situation and doubled the time between required inspections.

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