I was truly surprised by the results from our initial testing and am now looking at all of our equipment problems to find other areas where this technology can help us

Jack Few

Maintenance Manager

Gulf Lumber

put uit to work

UIT Non-Thermal Stress Relief

Ultrasonic Impact Technology (UIT) from Applied Ultrasonics is a form of non-thermal stress relief used to improve the strength and life of metal. UIT uses ultrasonic energy to help control residual compressive stress, achieve grain modification and eliminate stress risers resulting in increased fatigue life for weldments and components.

UIT Applications

The application of Ultrasonic Impact Technology from Applied Ultrasonics is wide and varied. The mining industry, offshore oil and gas industry, ship building, and infrastructure maintenance for assets such as steel bridges, benefit immensely from UIT.

The technology is perfectly suited for extending fatigue life in everything from weldments on offshore oil rigs, to crack repairs on dragline mining buckets, to aluminum deck repair on marine vessels. The application of UIT brings verifiable results in increased production, decreased downtime of equipment, and reduced maintenance costs.

Benefits of UIT Non-Thermal Stress Relief Over Heat Treatment

The application of UIT as a non-thermal stress relief treatment for weldments and fabricated metal components is highly controllable and extremely effective. UIT is also quick to apply and supremely flexible in demanding work environments, such as underwater applications. The following is a breakdown of benefits:

  • UIT is much easier to control application is completed with a portable unit and handheld tool
  • Very precise targeting of specific metal components that can't be matched by heat treatment
  • Flexible application, even robotically, for challenging environments
  • Surface treatment that is controllable to improve fatigue performance and aesthetics

When pitted head-to-head, UIT non-thermal stress relief has several advantages over traditional heat treatment. Learn more about Applied Ultrasonic Techonlogy (UIT) Division Ultrasonic Impact Technology and comprehensive engineering services.