Marine Fatigue Crack Assessed, Addressed and Put to Rest: Unexpected Hull Fatigue Cracking Issue Resolved

New designs always bring unforeseen problems. For one such client, a cutting-edge, mid-sized defense cutter was no exception. During sea trials, the cutter began to develop hull cracks in the marine-grade aluminum structure.

Applied Ultrasonic Technology (UIT) Division sent a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to evaluate the cutter's cracking issues and consult with the shipyard. With an extremely tight schedule ahead, a solution was developed and proposed by Applied Ultrasonics on the spot and quickly approved by the shipyard. Applied Ultrasonics� solution was to enhance the weld joint design, coupled with non-thermal stress relief using the application of UIT. This approach provided the fatigue-prone material and geometry a massive increase in fatigue life and fatigue strength.

Applied Ultrasonics' Ultrasonics Division deployed a Welding Engineer and Certified Weld Inspector to the shipyard to ensure that the solution was correctly applied. The end result � no more hull cracks!

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